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  • 10. Perfomance Tips and Tricks

10. Perfomance Tips and Tricks

We got many questions about PC specifications for SRTMiniServer
It strongly depends on the parameters of incoming streams.
For example:  notebook with Core-i5 uses 17% for 4 incoming streams of HD@25fps/2Mbs (see details below)
SRTMiniServer does two expensive operations:
Let's go over these points

Decode incoming feed

SRTMiniServer allows select "software decode" or "hardware decode"(means GPU). But we recommended use "software" in many cases.
Resume: using CPU for decode is preferable.

Encode to NDI

NDI uses only CPU. No options for use GPU.


So we have:

Perfomance testing tools

This section provides basic guidelines on how you can test your server's performance using different approaches. Some of the main ways are: