SRT MiniServer
User guide

5.3. Caller-configuration for HLS / RTMP / RTSP

You can also receive stream by links in HLS / RTMP / RTSP format.
The received signal can be sent to SDI / NDI or recording.
Such a Line will be almost no different from lines with SRT signal except for the following points:
- such a signal cannot be re-routed through CrossLine
- such a signal cannot be sent on UDP Multicast
We also recommend to disable automatic buffer reset (by setting the right value to zero as in the picture). This is due to the fact that HLS can come in large chunks and for smooth processing it is necessary to have a large buffer.
use zero for disable auto-reset of buffer


5.3. Caller-configuration for HLS / RTMP / RTSP


press it for activate "Connect as Caller" dialog

Network URL

turn on it for switch to this Network URL mode.

URL of stream or path to File

provide a link to the network stream. You can type HLS / RTMP / RTSP link. Also you can type file name.

Always ON

turn on it if you need be connected always. The app will try be connected forever.