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1.2. NDI vs SRT

Sometimes we see question about what is better: NDI or SRT, or when SRT will kill NDI.
So let's explain who is winner...

About NDI:

For example:
NDI is the first ever codec to provide multi-generational stability. This means that once a video signal is compressed, there is no further loss. As a practical example, generation 2 and generation 1000 of a decode-to-encode sequence would be identical.
* from NewTek (owner of NDI) document
Perfect, we have cool loss-less codec. Let's go to use it through INTERNET !
Sorry, but - NO
NDI has one disappoint - it requires wide network bandwidth.
This table is bandwidth requirements for NDI stream. It's very heavy for Internet connection.
So we have next question:
... oh , if you plan publish finalized result to YouTube, Facebook etc then don't forget about RTMP also.