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7.4. SDI Out Addon

SDIOut Addon - it is a tool for sending outgoing stream to SDI output cards.
In order to work with SDI output cards, we use a professional SDK library from Medialooks that supports a large number of cards from different manufacturers.  The list of supported hardware is presented here.
7.4. SDI Out Addon

Line selection

Allows to select the necessary line from which the stream will be send to output (SDI, File, etc)

Backup lines

This lines will be use if original line lost signal.


Allows to select the SDI card (or other) on which the the stream will be send.
NOTE: To test the quality of the outgoing stream, you can select the "File" option in the drop down and record the video stream to a file in a folder on your computer and then view it.

Output format

Allows you to select the output format supported by SDI card

Audio channels

you can specify audio channels for output (start from 0).  For example: 0,2,5,6

Start button

Allows to start / stop sending a stream to output


Extended capabilities
1. Add logo section

Some TV companies want their logo to be added to the SDI output. To do this, you can use the "Add logo" section for adding a logo.

To add logo click the "..." button and select the file in PNG or JPG format on the computer. Then select the location of the logo on the screen in the drop-down(4 positions available: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right).
To remove the logo click the [x] button

Please Note: The size of the logo should not exceed 300x300 pixels, as the logo will overlap the main image in the output.
Let's see how it looks in practice:
2. Additional control buttons: