SRT MiniServer
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7.3. TymeCode Sync

SRTMiniServer supports synchronization by SMPTE-timecode.
SRTMiniServer supports following methods for read timecode

Common workflow

SRT encoders do this steps:


At first you need setup how to read timecode (SEI or LTC or VITC).
how to read timecode
When streams starts SRTMiniServer shows timecode. For start synchronization process you need click on "TimeCode" sync button (see below)
7.3. TymeCode Sync

TimeCode Sync

press this button for start (or stop) synchronization process.

Timecode from feed

readed timecode from feed in SMPTE format: HH:MM:SS:Frame  If SRTMiniServer can't read timecode then it will shows 00:00:00:00

Sync state

SYNC - means OK.  UNSYNC - means feed can't be used in synchronization (very slow).
What's about accuracy ?
In real test we have 1-3 frames accuracy for 60 fps feeds. It's enough in many cases.
TimeCode buffer control
Synchronization is based on small intermediate buffers in which video frames from "faster" sources expect video frames from "slower".
If during a long translation SRTMiniServer repeatedly repeats the synchronization process then these buffers can grow quite strongly. This leads to a strong lag behind realtime.
You can control this behavior by "TimeCode Max Delay" in Settings (see here)