SRT MiniServer
User guide
  • 4. Settings Window

4. Settings Window

4. Settings Window
1 Listen Port
UPD/TCP port. Default is 9001. Need restart server after change.
allows to set the server interface language
Network interface
allows to select the network card of the computer through which the Internet will be transmitted.
If you are not sure which card you need, choose “use all” option by default
4Start listen on run
button that allows to have the server always ON all the time when restart the server(The “Start/Stop” button will be always ON if the “Start listen on run” button is selected)
5Folder for records
|allows to select a folder to save the video stream that goes through the lines
allows to select the number of lines that will be displayed on the main screen (The maximum number of lines that is available for selection depends on the purchased license)
  NDI Source name    allows to specify a name template for the outgoing NDI source7
 Colorbar text   allows to specify a name template for the outgoing NDI source8
9TimeCode Max Delay - use it for auto-reset long sync-buffer when TimeCode Synchronizations is activated.
10 SRT Latency - allows to set up latency on both side of connection - encoder and server.
More details here:
11SRT Encryption - it's secret phrase for encrypt your stream. It means you need ~20% overhead for bandwidth.
12Max.threads - shows how many threads can be allocated for decoding one feed.
For example 2 means only two threads will be allocated for decoding input feed. Zero means automatically detected.
13Force BirdDog Compatible - check this if you plan use hardware BirdDog NDI decoder.
Explanation: NDI allows use different color space (RGB, I420, NV12, UYVU). But BirdDog NDI decoder accept only one – UYVU. So this option force on converting to UYVU color space.
You can change this fields on fly (without Stop server). The server will applies new values for new connections.
14 TB Manager Key - use it as access key for TalkBackManager  addon (see)
15NDI Colorbar behavior - turn on if you need show colorbar on disconnect
16UDP Multicast Enable - turn on if you need "Multicast to" field on lines
17use as start of range - it means the server will use range of ports.
For example for Listen port 9001 and 4 Lines server will use: 9001,9002,9003,9004.   Use this if your encoders does not support "stream id" (see here)